Often doctors recommend regular health check-ups to the people, however, with increasing busy schedule day by day, health is becoming least of our priority. The Fortis Hospital Bangalore, have understood this eminent issue and have tried to address it by coming up with numerous health check-up packages to provide better health output.

Executive Health Checkup Packages in Bangalore is one such check-up packages compiled by Fortis Bangalore, which gives a complete overview of the patient’s health.

Services under Executive health checkup packages in Bangalore

This health package offers a wide range of health check-ups, which gives the patient an opportunity to check their blood sugar level, kidney functioning, Uric acid, Lid profile, Urine routine, Lipid Profile, Liver functioning and many more check-ups, so that they can understand their health well.

executive health checkup packages in bangalore

Extra Benefits of Executive health checkup package

Along with the routine check-ups, this package has lot more to offer. Under the executive check-up service,the patients get to have a consultation with a Physician as well as with a Dietician, so that patients are left with no benefit of doubt regarding any sort of ailment. It acts as an added reassurance to have an expert guide after diet and physical fitness.

How much does this health check-up cost?

Much of the reluctance to go for any kind health check-up stems from the over-priced treatment centres. Patients form a notion that an overall health check-up would have them run for money, however, this venture by Fortis Bangalore, comes at a very economical price of ₹3500 for the patients.

The general health check-up routine starts from a minimum amount of ₹1200 and so on and so forth. Executive Health checkup packages in Bangalore aim to provide quality service to the patients at minimal price range. Fortis Bangalore does the same with high quality health check-up equipment and well-trained doctors and medical officials.