Ever wondered that the site you visited last time, is coming as an advertisement in your facebook ads. Also how come your mobile receives so many messages about the things and offers for you. The mail box is full of so many unwanted things and surprisingly 90% of them are junk. This brings us one of the conclusion that the activity over the web is continuously being kept in track and nothing is secure now. Same way there are tools like spy cam and hidden camera which people are now using to keep the videos of certain things without other people knowing about it.

Suppose you are in a business meeting and there is a spy cam installed there. This will help your rival company gain all the information about your meeting details and can be used in negative way for you and your business. Such is the power these cameras hold and everything happens without your knowledge and information. You can find many articles in web for such kind of things. It is always not bad but depends on the intention of the person who is using it to know the sole purpose of the act.

hidden camera

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